Why was I kicked or banned?

If you were kicked and you did nothing wrong, it could be because of our handy sourcemod auto-kicker for high pingers, 250 and above to be exact.

Game servers need this kind of plugin because it prevents players with bad connections from attaching to the server and possibly disrupting game play. As a result this could cause lag spikes and in the worst senario, it could contribute to a crash. Then we have to restart and hope our players re-connect.

So to help with the headache of having to monitor the server, yes we prefer to have a plugin do it for us. 🙂

If you had a problem with one of our admins or another player and your wondering why you got kicked, that’s probably why.

If you wish to dispute a ban, no problem, just make sure you deal directly with the admin who banned you, not an admin who does not know the whole story.

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