New Admin Manager – [Oz] Wii

New Admin Manager – [Oz] Wii Many of you know him as Wii. He has been with us for about 3 years. Most of that time he served as Admin. Since the Admin Manager is a new position, you guys are probably wondering what the difference is between a regular Admin and a Admin Manager. …

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New Admin List

STEAM_0:0:5388975 | Wolverine STEAM_0:1:55684298 | Wii STEAM_0:0:8450685 | CrapperJohn STEAM_0:1:40828814 | Kannibal Kandy STEAM_0:1:87324889 | RebelGirl5 STEAM_0:1:45332018 | Feurolant STEAM_0:1:77528381 | AnaidonSnow STEAM_0:1:39892430 | Phantom STEAM_0:1:52836443 | Miley Cyrus STEAM_0:0:72200013 | Paka STEAM_0:0:63764081 | Admiral Taskbar STEAM_0:0:81313510 | Antagonist