New Admin Manager Position

Admin Manager – Requirements & Duties

1. You must be an existing Admin, mature and at least 13 years of age.
2. You must be as active a minimum of 4-6 days a week.
3. You will be excepted to remind all of your fellow Admins to enforce our rules.
5. You must be a natural leader, and not afraid to enforce our rules, and confront your Admins when they don’t.

As an Admin Manager you will receive the next highest Admin level just under our General Admin. You will be in charge of managing and watching over all Admins. This title demands full respect at all times, the same way the owners receive respect, period. The reason for this position in the first place, is to allow our owners to do a more efficient job at over seeing the overall growth of our TF2 community.

Apply for Admin Manager here.

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