Mixer Custom Profile Info Graphic

A Mixer custom profile info graphic is huge for every game streamers account. I’ll explain, but first! Mixer is a game streaming service like Twitch. However, in 2019, I think Mixer will gain some growth in the market this year.

If there is one thing that helps game streamer’s standout, it’s a unique profile info graphic. Mixer gives us the ability to create whatever your imagination can come up with. The use of custom images needs to be linked into your account. Mixer does not let you upload images to be hosted on their servers. Let’s say you are great at Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp or another graphics program. The way it works, you create your graphic, upload it to Imgur.com. After your image is uploaded to Imgur.com, copy the “Direct” link and paste it into your Mixer profile. As soon as you click OK your Mixer custom profile info graphic will display. This is my Mixer account page – OzGamingDotNet. Drop me a comment to let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Feel free to copy my format. FYI, this info graphic was created with Photoshop.

You can view more of my work here – antmarweb.com

Mixer Custom Profile Info Graphic

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