Linebacker | STEAM_0:0:8817090 | Banned

This is what happens to players who ask if they can be admin 10,000 times in 5 mins. Today Linebacker had something up his ass because he just could not leave well enough alone and stop asking me when he was going to be admin. He didn’t like any of my answers so decided to keep on drilling me. Then he started crying about why others are admins and not him and how it’s not fair. Boo Hoo. He didn’t like it when I told him there are others ahead of him for admin.

It was after I told him he was starting to become a pain in the ass, which is when he called me a dick. Yeah, this is funny, but it’s really not, especially for him. It was because of his relentless mouth and bad temper that made me ban Linebacker : STEAM_0:0:8817090 from the server.