How Do I Post To WordPress

How Do I Post In A WordPress Blog

In order to post freely in this or any Website / Blog, you must first register at

Once that is done, the owner of the blog you wish to post on must add you as a new user.

Once you are added as a new user, the Website / Blog owner will give you privileges based on your knowledge and maturity. Those of you who are granted these privileges will be able to post, edit old posts, delete posts, add videos, photos and audio to your posts.

Let’s say you have a high traffic blog where your site is getting over 2500 views everyday. When you post on a blog, it appears on the homepage and will be the first thing your visitors will see.

My point is, if you guys really want to be heard, post! And I’m not talking about the forums, I’m talking about posting in the Oz blog feed that appears on our homepage.

The one very important thing to remember, everything is a post and post’s get put into categories. 🙂

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