This is the Steam account that stole an $85 unusual from [Oz] Hunter – If you have any information on this please msg an Oz Admin or any one of our community members.

[Oz] Hunter: Hello Oz, Hunter here. How many of you trust me, how many of you have been with this community and like it, and know we do good things? How many of you enjoy to help your fellow player? Well in this case you can. Recently i was scammed out of an unusual by some hacker with bot accounts. Basically what happened was his bot account disguised as mine and took my unu from my trusted friend, Redneck. No, Redneck is not the scammer, his bp doesn’t have the unu either. So what i have done is report and make a steam support ticket, but i know that’s not enough. I am linking you to his profile, report him, make tf2 discussions on the tf2 hub shaming him, make everyone know who he is and how he is not trustable. Make sure he is banned and he can’t do this to anyone else, and help me get my unu back. If enough of us file reports and tickets, steam will have no choice but to pay attention to us. If you help me out, I can help you in the future as well. A Lot of the regulars on the oz servers know me well and know who i am to a somewhat personal level. Don’t believe me? Talk to Andrew, Redneck, Slayer, Wii, Trixy, this list can go on and on. Anyways I won’t ramble too much, here is a link to ihs profile, report him and help me out.

Posted by – [Oz] Hunter.

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