TF2 Player Banned | STEAM_0:0:2200971

As most of you guys know I like to make light of the good, the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately for CodeMonkey, we got some ugly.

Everyone knows when it comes to being an admin or wearing the Oz tag that we have strict guidelines we all must follow. We don’t just let anyone do it, why, because if we did and he or she turned out to be a jerk it will only end up making us look bad and hurting our reputation in the long run. Not to mention there would never be any value in our brand or pride in wearing the tag in the first place. This means players who want to wear our tag and represent our community and/or be added to the admin waiting list, complete 3 steps to do so. These 3 steps only take a few minutes and can be found here ->

After a player has completed these 3 steps and an admin has approved it, at that point the player will be allowed to wear the tag and is officially an admin recruit and is in line to become an admin.

The reason I went over these guidelines above is because we had an incident last night with CodeMonkey – STEAM_0:0:2200971. I entered the server only to see him wearing our tag like so [oz]. I have no idea how long this went on for, but as silly as it may seem, this is not allowed. The last thing we want is a new player, which he is, not take our community as serious as the rest. I don’t know how long he was running around wearing our brand incorrectly, but it’s an automatic 30 minutes ban without warning.

But it didn’t stop there, CodeMonkey didn’t like that he got banned for 30 minutes without warning, so he decided to message me in Steam chat. Here’s how the conversation went:


Thursday, August 30, 2012
10:39 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Sorry, exactly how is a [Oz] tag ‘Abusive’ ?
10:40 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: And deserving of a kick without actually mentioning it?
10:41 PM – Oz | pc: first of all, i got no problem with you, still don’t, but i know you know about our rules and that we have a tag and it’s worn a certain way. so tell me how you think it’s ok to just do what you want without asking?
10:43 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: I didn’t wear either of the regulated tags, even though I’m qualified for the backtick tag. I used this, which was proposed in as a ‘Community’ tag.
10:44 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: I’m a regular on the server, and while I’m glad to pitch in to the community as I’m able, I have no desire for the responsibility of being around frequently as would be necessitatted by being an Admin. If I’m forced to be on, it ceases being fun, and becomes a duty, which I have more than enough of already.
10:45 PM – Oz | pc: listen, again, i got no problem with you, in fact i think your a pretty cool guy. the problem i have is when people take it upon themselves to be different even though they know the rules. wear the tag they way everyone else does and if you have a problem with it then i apologize. however, this is it –> `Oz | until you are admin. i’m sry man, just how it is. if everyone else does it so do you.
10:45 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Besides, you gotta admit you’ve got a kinda insane amount of ‘admins’. 😉
10:46 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Right, but I have no desire to be an admin. I just would like a way to show that I’m a regular here and support the server. Hence my feeling that the `Oz | tag is inappropriate in this instance.
10:47 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: I’m not coming at you with some sort of martyr complex, so stop assuming that I’m assuming you’ve got some problem with me!
10:47 PM – Oz | pc: whether you want to be admin or not, the only tags that are available are `Oz | and Oz. you know the diff.
10:47 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: :-p
10:48 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: So basically you’re forbidding anyone to use any tag in their name that involves Oz unless it’s the two regulated ones for admins.
10:48 PM – Oz | pc: i don’t want others planting seeds in my co-admins head that it’s ok to switch up our tag because others are. that’s not going to happen here.
10:49 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: So why not explicitly permit the [Oz] tag for regulars who want to support the server, but don’t want to be an admin?
10:49 PM – Oz | pc: because thats how i want it
10:49 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Why?
10:49 PM – Oz | pc: why not?
10:50 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: I think I’ve just presented a respectable argument as to why not. You’re merely responding with no, while not providing any rationale.
10:51 PM – Oz | pc: elaborate
10:51 PM – Oz | pc: seriously
10:52 PM – Oz | pc: we have rules, you don’t like them, so we need to change?
10:52 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Are you going to stop typing and let me elaborate?
10:52 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Or is this just going to be rapid fire so I can’t actually answer the initial inquiry?
10:52 PM – Oz | pc: lol, go ahead
10:53 PM – Oz | pc: you don’t REALLY have to answer every time i hit enter…
10:53 PM – Oz | pc: relax your mind
10:53 PM – Oz | pc: type
10:53 PM – Oz | pc: 🙂
10:53 PM – Oz | pc: focus
10:54 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: I, and others (as it was actually proposed by Belial, not me, and ProFlyer made the suggestion as well) support the idea of players being able to support the server, without needing to be wanting to be admins. And quite frankly, I suspect a great deal of those applying to be admin did it not for that purpose, but because they wanted to have Oz in their tag to show their support, and so random visitors could recognize them as regulars in these parts.
10:55 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: While you have made it clear that `Oz | and Oz | necessitate some requirements to wear them, there was never any prior assertion that any other variant tag was disallowed.
10:57 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Quite frankly, you’ve got a nutz number of people applying to be admins, and as is often said too many cooks spoil the broth, it may be better for the group at large to have more of a hierarchy in the tags than just “Admins, and those that wanna be admins”
10:58 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Because there is a good player base here, and it would be a good way to spread the word about the server to have people wearing a ‘standard’ [Oz] tag elsewhere — though with the server being full pretty often, perhaps spreading the word isn’t really an intent right now, but I think you see my point.
10:58 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: And goshdarnit, it’s a way to encourage people to sign up on the forums and partake in the greater community. A small carrot, if you will.
10:58 PM – Oz | pc: no problem, lol, but for those of you who want to support this community will need to wear this tag and only this tag –> `Oz | Yourname. do i need to say you can’t wear another? lol seriously… your a smart guy right? so why can’t figure that out?
10:59 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Because that tag explicitly implies that you’ve applied and you’re waiting to be an admin.
10:59 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Which is not factually accurate.
10:59 PM – Oz | pc: not (oz) or {Oz} or |Oz| or any other…
11:00 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: I’ve presented a compelling argument here, and the only response I’m hearing from you is basically “No, just because that’s the way it is” — not any responses to my points, merely a fiat. If you don’t have a reason for maintaining it the way that it is (as you’ve failed to provide one) why not consider an alternative?
11:01 PM – Oz | pc: listen, if you don’t like it or you don’t like me after this conversation, i apologize, but this is how it is. there are many other communities out there that i’m sure you would love and would let you do whatever you want and wear their tag however you want, your choice.
11:01 PM – Oz | pc: there is no alternative! we have 2 tags period
11:02 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Which you are failing to explain why.
11:02 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: At all.
11:02 PM – Oz | pc: i don’t need to explain anything to you, do i?
11:02 PM – Oz | pc: really
11:02 PM – Oz | pc: think about it
11:03 PM – Oz | pc: do i really need to explain ANYTHING to you?
11:03 PM – Oz | pc: your not even an admin
11:03 PM – Oz | pc: your NEW
11:03 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: Well, you asked me to provide a reasoned argument in defense of my position, but you aren’t willing to provide even a semblance of one in defense of yours? How utterly insulting and disrespectful is that?
11:03 PM – Oz | pc: and you haven’t
11:03 PM – [Oz] CodeMonkey: How so?
11:07 PM – Oz | pc: listen, the bottom line here is your upset because your not getting your way and want to fight with me about it. i don’t have the time or energy to deal with players who cry.
11:07 PM – Oz | pc: cry somewhere else
11:09 PM – Oz | pc: we’re done here


The bottom line here, this is a community I built, I created the guidelines and rules. With that being said, I am a flexible person and have always been open to change. If a player or players want to propose a new tag or a new rule, by all means let’s talk about it. I will never shut anyone down, that’s not my personality. This is why we have forums. A little piece of advice, make sure you’ve heard it from the chief before you listen to the indians. What that means, just because you’ve read it in a post or someone on the server said it was cool to do or maybe they were egging you on, make sure you check with the server/community owner before it back fires on you.

Note: What started out as a temp 30 minute ban ended up being a permanent because of the headache he gave me after.