Jon Jones Tested Positive 3x In A Row

As someone who follows UFC religiously I am baffled by Jon Jones testing positive 3x in a row. How could this be? Is he that stupid? The question is why. Is it USADA’s high tech tools or is it that Jon Jones just can’t stop. Like many other fight fans, I’ve been a huge Jon Jones fan since the first time I watch him fight. So to hear this craziness, just floods my head with mixed emotions. On one hand …

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UFC 3 | 2018 | Overview

After watching Ricky J Sports do a video on it. After looking all the new features over I thought the tournament mode looked to be the most interesting. We can look for UFC 3 in about a month from now. I’ll be playing it on the PS4. Check it out!

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WolffpakSJ vs. OzGamingDotNet

I just faught WolffpakSJ on the PS4 | UFC 2. We faught 3x, I won the first 2 against Robert Whittaker of the 3. However, I was using a custom player, he was using less powerful pro fighters, Robert Whittaker and Luke Rockhold. He knocked me out with Luke Rockhold, but he had to work for it, even though it happened in the first round, lol. I kind of expected it. He was very close to beating me the first …

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My Top Requested Features in UFC 3

UFC 3 is set to be released Feb 2nd 2018 on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. We all love UFC 2, but does that mean it’s the best it can be? Absolutely not. Let me tell you which features I am looking forward to or hope to see in UFC 3. Spectator Mode – The ability to browse a list of LIVE fights so we can join as a spectator. Quick Custom Fighter Creation – To max out …

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UFC 2 on PS4 Pro

Has anyone played UFC 2 on the PS4 Pro? We know the PS4 Pro is more powerful, but can it really improving UFC 2 gameplay over the PS4? UFC 2 already gets smooth gameplay, at least for me. Not sure if it’s quite 60fps, but it sure looks good.

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