Tennis World Tour Crashing

As you will see in this video, Tennis World Tour crashing on the PC happens over and over. A Steam download that keeps crashing. Can you say, refund? Steam denied me. Bastards. So I recorded a short video of when the game crashes. Maybe they will find it someday. Mind you, this is on a very capable PC for a game like this. Before I owned Tennis World Tour for the PC, I purchased it for the Xbox One X, it crashed there too. It cost me $79, but this time I called Microsoft and had the charge removed. They just deactivate the game on your console that never worked in the first place. 🤣

Is Tennis World Tour crashing on you too? Let me know in the comments.

Tennis World Tour Is Horrible

Tennis Would Tour is horrible, at least for me on the PC. Maybe they patched up the Xbox One version, because that was horrible too. The PC version is horrible, full of bugs, constant crashing, just an awful experience. These guys at TWT are criminals for taking our money. They knew what they were doing and still released it. I consider that a crime. I would like to know who allowed it to be released to the public? That is …

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Tennis World Tour Update

After TopSpin 4 phased out a few years ago, online Tennis fans could not wait for the next reiteration of the best tennis game ever, TopSpin 4. I’ve been playing Tennis World Tour on the PC for a few weeks. I can tell you it runs better on the PC than the Xbox One X. However, for the last 2 days Tennis World Tour has been crashing after a few minutes in. The game just freezes. So I decided to …

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