Earn Rewards with Bing!

Bing Rewards – http://binged.it/1KmvARo

Why Bing Rewards? Because many of you spend a great deal of time using Google search. But what if we could get paid or “rewarded” for our search efforts? We can. Last month I decided to give Bing Rewards a try. It works. If you are not familiar with Bing Rewards, it’s a way for you to earn rewards in return for using Microsoft’s Bing to search. It’s easy to get started. Follow either link to setup your account, set Bing as your browser’s startup page and use Bing as your primary search tool. Done.

For me, I love Google and all it’s services and will continue to use them, but Google does not compensate me for using their search engine, Bing does and Bing gives identical search results. Many say Bing is better than Google. Try it for yourself. Our time is valuable, so why not get paid for it. Bing rewards you per search for using their search engine, Google does not.

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Bing Rewards – http://binged.it/1KmvARo 

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