Admins and Aliases


We know it’s fun to change our names to something funny or w/e the reason is, I know this because I do it now and then too. However, when Jab or myself do it, 9 times out of 10 it’s for undercover purposes, not to play around. Besides, we want to make sure everyone knows who we are without making them wonder or guess if you are an admin or not. Not just for our visitors, but to make sure our admins are doing their part. Now that you know this, please do not say, Hi pc or Hi Jab if you see it is us undercover, lol.. If we are under a different name and you need to ask one of us a question, PLEASE do it in Steam chat, not public.

Here is a conversation between Jab and myself in Steam chat…

7:15 PM – [Oz] pc: how do you feel about our admins constantly changing their name?
7:18 PM – [Oz] Jab: for an under cover thing, not a bad thing, but they should have their original name on period
7:18 PM – [Oz] Jab: w/e name they assign themselves should be the name they should use if they r admin
7:18 PM – [Oz] pc: i agree
7:19 PM – [Oz] Jab: my suggestion is before they get admin (this is just me), they need to have a name they can stick with
7:19 PM – [Oz] Jab: so ppl will know who that admin is
7:19 PM – [Oz] pc: undercover once in a while, but they need to use the name the signed up under.

Changing our name in game isn’t a crime, it’s just confusing to those of us who need to know who is who. That’s why we have an admin list. So from now on make sure you use the name you were hired under, this way there is no confusion between our admins or visitors.


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