2 New TF2 Servers

Why do we have 2 new TF2 servers? Read on..

On Wednesday just after 8:00pm we had a mandatory TF2 update. The normal procedure is to login to our GameServers cPanel and click the Update Server Button. If that doesn’t work, sometimes it doesn’t, I have to open a support ticket. Well, this time I have to open a support ticket because the Update Server Button was not doing anything. Long story short, here we are 24 hours later, 8 support tickets and 2 empty TF2 servers that would otherwise be full. All because GameServers sucks. This is not how you treat a customer who has been with you 7 years and who always pays on time.

So today I decided I had enough, I purchased 2 new TF2 servers from Fragnet. They have a much better reputation, run on a much faster backbone which will provide our players in other countries with a more consistent ping, less if any lag spikes and smoother gameplay across the board.

So the 2 TF2 servers we’ve been playing on for years will be disappearing in a few weeks. So you all could remove them from your favorites as we will not be with GameServers anymore. Here is the info for the 2 new TF2 servers… /


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